Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I am very proud of my undergrad university. While there are many things that could use improvement (as the case for any university), I think they did I pretty good job... take a look at how we did this year, and keep in mind that it's the first time in 12 years that we did not place 1st overall comprehensive (we placed 2nd... those bastards!!):

UW again tops in reputation in Maclean's survey

The University of Waterloo has swept all four of the reputation rankings in its Comprehensive Universities category in Maclean's magazine's annual universities issue.

Waterloo ranked #1 in reputation in these four categories: Highest Quality, Most Innovative, Leaders of Tomorrow and Best Overall.

As well, for the 12th year, Waterloo did exceedingly well in the national reputation rankings which measures all universities against each other. Waterloo came first in Most Innovative, 2nd in Leaders of Tomorrow, 2nd in Best Overall, and 4th in Highest Quality.

The reputation rankings are arrived at by surveying thousands of people across Canada, including high school guidance counselors and principals from every province and territory, chief executive officers of companies, heads of organizations and university officials across the country. This year the survey was much larger: over 11,600 were surveyed compared to just over 7,000 last year.

As well, UW ranked second in the "Comprehensive" category of universities, just behind Guelph.

"We're very pleased with the results this year," said UW president David Johnston. "It's great to see that Guelph and UW are once again so highly thought of and ranked, and we're especially gratified to see that we placed #1 in each of the reputational categories in our group."

"As well, we are highly ranked in national reputation, #1 in Most Innovative, #2 in Best Overall, and this is up against some of the oldest and most esteemed, centuries-old universities in Canada . . . an excellent showing for a university that was founded less than 50 years ago," he said.

Waterloo placed first in seven of the 23 measuring categories used by Maclean's to arrive at the overall standings in each grouping of universities. The individual measures where Waterloo placed #1 include: average entering grade; student retention; student awards; classes taught by tenured faculty; alumni support; and reputational survey.

Written by Martin Van Nierop, Director, Communications and Public Affairs

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