Thursday, December 11, 2003

If Ottawa succeeds in its bid to get the World Junior Championships in 2006, you will literally hear my scream of joy across the globe. It will be better than the last orgasm I had (which was too long ago, wait a minute, isn't the last orgasm ALWAYS too long ago whether it's been a year or a minute!).

Why do my blog entries always degenerate to sex? Anyways, why is the world junior championships the best hockey of the year you ask? Well for starters junior hockey is better than professional hockey because it has more scoring, more excitement, more action, more drive by the players (they don't play for the nominal amount of money they make, they play for passion!) and has less of the problems associated with the NHL (which is systematically killing the NHL product). The NHL really needs to take a look at what's happening in their own junior ranks because the professions game/product is suffering... shorten that season, give more divisional games/rivalries, loose a couple of the shitty markets (let the pens, Florida, 2 other American teams die) and refocus on providing the average fan entertainment, value and an experience they want to repeat. A little more parity from year to year like in the NFL (the most profitable north American league) would help too, giving every fan the hope and realistic reason to hope that their team has a chance is always a staple for LONG-LASTING sport markets.

Only the Stanley Cup playoffs during certain exciting years and the world championships (formally known as the Canada Cup series) are even comparable, and even then I don't think they quite match up (most of the time, the 2002 Olympics being a particularly good counter example). I can already hear Russia's protests :-)

Note: the gay fight link I posted earlier is now down but I'm working on getting a transcript. Yes it's that funny :-)

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