Monday, December 29, 2003

A respective look back at 2003 should recall a full text worth of juicy gossip, great times and tidbits of information (ok, maybe just one of those small trashy rail station paperbacks worth)... none of which I have the time or desire to go through and list here, but hopefully EuroRoss will prove to make the task a much less daunting one for next year. I know you're all overblown with anticipation! :-)

2003 was even better than 2002 which was even better than 2001 and so on and so on... it's just amazing that although I've had the most amazing luck in life with an incredible string of good times, radical experiences and great friends, that somehow each year has gotten better! Truly hard to imagine or fathom that this pattern can continue, here's looking towards 2004!

As for new year resolutions, some of the usual suspects have turned up like a reknewed focus on fitness, healthy eating and schoolwork but I think I'm just going to stick with the status quo, it's worked pretty darn good up till now!

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