Monday, February 16, 2004

I'm back! After a weekend of sleeping and stuffing my face with meat and other north american treats I'm back into the grind. I've got a bunch of case reviews to go through as well as one lingering Biz leadership assignment due Friday. Anyways, here's an article which gives a brief overview of what's going on in the US cell phone market. If you're thinking about getting a cell phone in Germany (which they call "handys"... don't ask), get an "O2" phone. They offer 250 free sms's a month (you will become ADDICTED to sms here in Pforzheim!) and cheap calls if you're within a kilometer of your home (which the university usually is).

I went with Vodaphone and got screwed, if you look at some of my previous posts my cell phone bills for the first 5 months look like this (in Euros):

260 Є
180 Є
150 Є
180 Є
220 Є

Ouch @#$%&!!!!

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