Saturday, March 13, 2004

Some interesting notes from the week:

McDonalds has started to test market free Wi-Fi at some of its locations following the lead of Barnes and Noble, Starbucks and some other networks. My next notebook will definatly have the integrated wi-fi/centrino combo as that's the only regret I have from buying this laptop.

Also a funny tidbit of info on McDonalds, their salads seem to be more fattening than there burger and fries! Guess taking all that teasing when you ordered the salad last time wasn't quite worth it eh Timmy!

A funny website showing a parody of what it's like when you break up with your girlfriend, I think it's british.

All the crappy television that I hated while in Canada seemed to be a hundred times better after being deprived from it for almost a year. Recent vacation addictions included "The OC", "Survivor All Stars" and old reruns of "Deep Space Nine".

And finally another picture post from the break:


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