Thursday, April 22, 2004

I'm a geek. Instead of going to one of the biggest parties of the entire semester (Newie-Party #2, look at previous archived posts to see how good the last one was!) or driving to Amsterdam to visit one of my best drinking buddies during his layover (sorry N's, have a blast in Africa and I'll catch up with you in May for the stories and a couple cold beers) I'm staying at home all excited that I've finally got my invitation for the new Google Gmail e-mail service. Actually I'm very sick from the extreme amount of travel, lost sleep etc over the last two weeks and the body is just breaking down ;-)

But take a look at this, Gmail offers 1 GB of space for the e-mail account compared to only getting like 5 MB for my hotmail account which is hardly even enough for the MOUNTAINS of e-mails I get from the site traffic :-) It's the "auto-e-mail-conversation" mode thingy (I'm sure that's exactly what it's called) is what I'm most interested in. This combines all past e-mails from a e-mail tree in a nice conversational style format, great for some of those reply-reply-reply... e-mails that I sometimes have to scroll down for hours until I remember what the hell we were even talking about. I also don't really care about the so called privacy controversy that's brewing about the service. We'll see, na na na na I've got mine have you got yours!

Yep I'm a geek.

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