Saturday, May 22, 2004

So let's get some of the housework out of the way:

A video movie (scroll to bottom) of a model Starship Enterprise flying around (geek interest post).

Want to get into the club but don't want to carry a purse or risk getting your wallet stolen (which we saw occur more than once in Lisbon)? Tired of running out of money in clubs that won't accept credit cards? Just implant a RFID tag under your skin and become a VIP member of the club... oh yeah and you can skip the line too :-)

Wondering what time of day you're most tired (and lest productive)? Check out the new "Knacker Factor" test... my test result was 23:30 hours a day :-) (basically this website is just a scam to sell anti-drowsiness pills)

Finally, here's a pic from our VFB Stuttgart trip last month before things all went bad and Bochum tie-ing the game :-)


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