Friday, May 07, 2004

Wow. Sometimes things get so crazy at work, school and play that life seems to speed by faster than my Vitara on the autobahn. Without any planning whatsoever we decided to play hooky from class and just hit the town Wednesday, our mission alcohol, women, gambling and fun.

Starting to drink on a sunny day starting at noon sounds like alot of fun, but it's also hard work. The question of sustainability (my own take on Kurz's "sustainable development") of course would cum into play, but to be honest with everything that ended up going on it was more surprising when the night came to an end than I originally thought. We started out with the plan to get some grub to build a base for the night ahead so we hit a new pizzaria that cums highly recommended. It totally lived up to the hype and after months of searching for a decent za have finally laid that baby to rest. Long live Pizza Ferrari!

Next stop, some pool, gambling and frolicking with the local Russian imports. Da да это было хорошо!!! (real Russian!) :-) Not to brag but despite not playing pool since my last disaster of a gamenight a couple months ago, crappy pool cues, a broken ball dispensor and an extremely more skilled opponent I ended up two beers on the day. Must have been the distracting view :-) The night was soon upon us and continueing with our trend of hitting less visited pforzheim spots we went out to really do some damage to our livers.

Mission accomplished.

The point is, the highway of life is short and fast, don't forget to pull over every once in a while to take a piss :-) To all my Canadian friends who are at home or abroad, this beers for you, we'll double up when I get back to see yall :-)

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