Tuesday, May 04, 2004

A bunch of websites and notes that I've been meaning to catch up on:


An interesting study on the ability to supress pain when brain activity scans are shown to the patients. Interestingly this doesn't work for pain that comes from the heart :-(

Dusting off the old resume and starting to look for jobs/internships? Check out some tips from the human resources department at Microsoft.

We should have/enter more of these types of MBA competitions. Note for those of you reading the article, Queen's is only an hour from my house, Ross driving of course :-)

Some more indepth info on Google's new e-mail offering, Gmail, that I wrote about earlier.

Finding it hard to cope with reality? Here's a good blog entry on the difficulties with reality and the prospects for human and artificial intelligence using chess as an analogy.

Cool. Yes I'm a geek.

McDonalds has started a pilot offering at some stores for free wireless access. I already go to McDonalds WAY too much! (no link cus the article sucked... actually it's just not onine anymore :-) )

A study that showed that over 70% of people would reveal their password for a bar of chocolate. There's really nothing that interesting in my e-mail inbox anyways :-)

For those of you experienceing problems turning off your machine etc, it's the Sasser virus, take your computer to the doctor.


More later...

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