Sunday, May 23, 2004

What a disappointing weekend in sports. VFB Stuttgart not only didn't catch "BM" (I don't want their disgusting real name on my website) for second, but the loss pulled them downto 4th and a lowly UEFA cup spot. Karlsruhe has been losing all season whenever I watched (with the sole exception of the game all us MBA's went to, which I purposely picked as it was against the worst team in the league) and yet they were able to win against my personal favorite Aachon on the last day to eliminate their chance of moving up to the Bundesliga. Tampa Bay beat Philly to get into the Stanley Cup finals and Kelowna beat our neighbour Hull (or Gatineau Olympics as they are now called, although they will always be the Hull Olympics to this old man!) to win the Memorial Cup... a disappointing weekend in sports I say!

At least Schumacher lost today's race in Monaco so not all is lost :-)

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