Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Some sites I've been collecting over the past couple of weeks and am just getting to checking out and posting now, comments free of charge:

The age of commercial spaceflight is soon cuming. Hopefully it'll cut down on my 8 hour Ottawa-Frankfurt flights!

Another gang Monaco pick, the weather today just reminds me of a couple "Green Dolphin" beers :-) See some of you guys tomorrow night for the BBQ and game and Fri/Sat in T-dot for the rest of ya.

An interesting site on trying to cure aging, and not just with magic spring water :-)

And the winner of most wired campus is... (insert drumroll here)... Pforzheim! Actually no. Our sad state of both hard and wireless connections slash internet speed hardly compares to local public access here in Canada. It would be nice to at least have our pforzhiem university e-mails for life like we have at Waterloo U (which offers the e-mail and automatic forwarding for life).

The NHL has made its new television deal and despite wide ranging critisism (and an obvious cut in premieum) I think it's not only a great deal for both parties, but the way all programming (not only sports) will be done in the future.

A cool device that monitors the amount of beer in your pitcher (very common in north american is to share a pitcher of beer amoung a couple guys at the bar).

A good reference link for those of you looking into buying a new laptop, but if you're going to buy then check out Timmy's or Stephan's sweet laptop deal that they bought a couple months ago.

In Estonia Internet access is now a human right. Interesting.

The increasing use of disclaimers at the bottom or as attachments to corporate e-mails outlining useage policy. This has been gradually cuming for years but I think the high exposure of the Microsoft and Martha Stewart court cases and the vital role of e-mail corespondence to convict both is brining this issue to the forefront.

I'm always interested in new marketing ideas, this idea to put spider man ads on the baseball bases was ingenious but eventually revoked by the league. That guy earned his paycheck that week.

Another trend that's cuming soon is software subscriptions combined with free hardware from the suppliers to access it. No joke.

And finally, here's another pic of me when I had short (normal/regular) hair and not this flattened fro I've been growing in Deutschland for the last year. It'll be great to have my normal hair back, especially for when I'm playing hockey and wearing my helmet, but it'll also be weird that it'll be gone never to return (now that I'm re-entering the "real" world) :-)

I've got tons more to write about, but it's definatly break time...

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