Sunday, July 11, 2004

So last week was the inagural MBA/IC vs. IMP soccer game. Not only did we get killed on the scoreboard, some of us couldn't make it past the warmup. Take a look at what is now known as "the tumourfoot" after I rolled it in practice BEFORE THE GAME EVEN HAD STARTED!! I tried to make it back and help the team, but you'd be surprised at how ineffective a one legged man is in soccer! :-)

A couple links of interest from the past couple days. Now that summer is upon us (at least in spirit now that exams are almost over and papers and research can be put off until the last week of summer), I guess it's time to start looking at a first career for next year, let alone a second!

As for Avril, you wouldn't have to pay me to listen to her music 3 times an hour, 4 times yes, but 3 no.

Here's a great site that lists the mistakes that are in movies. It's interesting to see some of my favorites (like Swingers) and how I had already picked up on some of them... well I have watched that movie over 1000 times :-)

Finally, Antarctica and Mexico are the next two places I really want to travel to, looks like I'm going to have to pick up some of these! (I can totally outwit them now with all my valuable exchange rate knowledge from international econ class...)


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