Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I'm just now getting through most of the critical e-mails and am rewarding myself with some quality online article readings which have been building up over the last week, some highlights and thoughts:

I can't wait until the proclaimed "wireless revolution" kicks into high gear with AFFORDABLE 3G services. Here's a good first step.

The war between Google and MSN (with Yahoo also chipping in) is heating up especially as the Google IPO nears. Interesting developments to watch. As in our presentations I am utterly convinced of the positioning of Google as an online application software provider (taking on the likes of Microsoft) which will transform computing as we know it. No longer will we be buying retail software packages, loading them onto our home computers/laptops and getting updates via the web and new software ever few years. The future is going to bring dummy terminals (in many forms other than strict computer terminals such as PDA's, cell phones, internet appliances and TV's) which access online application software usable straight through your browser and storing your files at the same Google remote location (so they can be accessed like e-mail, anywhere). This system will be subscription based and the software will continually be improved and updated automatically (you pay for the service each month, not paying for a standalone package every couple years).

Interesting, but I still think the criticisms for Google's IPO (no guidance on future products or services etc) are warranted.

Another big issue in the digital world is online music, specifically sales. Right now iTunes and Wal-mart seem to be the frontrunners going forward based on technology integration with the ipod and price point for Wal-Mart. Many small players (Napster etc.) have entered the market and some of the other big online players have been noticebly silent (Amazon). Ebay just made their foray into online music with less than desireable results, has the online digital music market become commonditized, saturated and stagnent already? Is future innovation the solution or even possible?

I never realized that a "blue moon" is technically just the second full moon in one calender month (which doesn't happen all that often) and not actually just a "blue" full moon (caused by ash and dust in the atmosphere giving it the blue twinge).

More to cum...

Update: A thorough analysis on the convergence and digital music themes I mentioned above.


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