Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ok, here goes... example #512 why EuroRoss is a complete idiot.

Now I've been going to Irish pub a couple times every week since the beginning of time, well at least since September of last year when I arrived in Germany.

Sidenote: The first night I arrived in Pforzheim I "coincidentally" found the Irish pub (which just happened to be a 5 minute crawl from my house) and decided to check it out. The night was awsome and the rest is history. Wednesday nights are a staple, it's the big night there which carries over well from my Bomber Wednesday days :-) Conspirousy? Absolutely.

Anyways, having nearly never missing a Wednesday amoung other nights I guesstimate that I've been there maybe 100 times. Ok now some more background, darts is a good beer drinking pastime and so when my boys cum and visit we usually try and find a place to play, problem is, there's absolutely no place to play "real" darts here in Pforzheim (electronic darts is more common here, and if you've ever played electronic darts then you know it sucks, basically because every second dart either doesn't stick in, cums flying back into your face or just plain does not register a score). So what inevitably happens is that we drive around looking for a place for about an hour until we finally give up and go to Irish to drown our sorrows.

So I'm sitting in Irish Tuesday night with the gang, filling in an unbelieveably difficult quiz for (oddly enough) quiz night... by the way, we came in dead last but first in creativity and cheering for the questions we actually got right, mostly because we could not believe we even got ANY right. And while I'm on my soapbox, I would just like to point out that if I had written what I thought for the phatasm question we would have gotten another one right, but our answer of "bitch" for the name of a promenant world figure definatly got the most laughs... yeah we were a bit loopy :-)

Anyways, how shocked and insanly idiotic do you think I felt when as I'm sitting there filling out the questionaire a group of regulars walk over to the corner of the bar and open up the doors to a dart board that has apparently been there all along. Yep. It's of little consilation that Rooney (the long time bar manager and new owner) tells me that it's not there on Wednesday's because there's too many people there that night... little consilation indeed.

Ross is an idiot episode #512.

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