Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It's my gleefull pleasure to announce that all MBA's that requested housing (even those that requested it WAY past the deadline!) have now been placed (or had the opportunity to be placed). I'm a very, VERY happy camper now that the housing sitch is all wrapped up. Thanks to Russia M. for your help!

So what does a geek like me do now that so much of my time is now free'd up? Course scheduling (which you can register by putting in your student number and registering here) and cleaning out my linklist that has built up over the last couple days, not to mention watching the soon to be victorious VFB pokal game tonight, Go VFB Go!!

Here's what I've been looking at recently:

I occationally watch "Big Brother Germany" as it is one of the few shows in German that I can understand without knowing the language, but I sure missed this day!

Sony just unveiled it's new PS2 unit which is smaller and has integrated online connectivity, very cool. It totally sucks since I don't have near enough time to play my PS2 on the rare home visits from Germany. I remember the good old PS1 days with 8-man NHL hockey hours on end before rocking on over to the Bomber for a few pops... ahh the good old days :-)

Look at the cool toys kids today get to play with.

More Google stuff. Looks like they're developing a browser to compete with MS, as well Amazon released "A9" which is their search engine. I wonder what Bill's up to...

Freaky cool, the Squares with "A" and "B" on them are the same colour. Don't believe me? Check it out here!

You know the NHL lockout is a total bummer... and the "original 6 league" certainly lived up to my expectations of being a complete waste of newsprint. At least my Ottawa 67's junior hockey team will soon be in action!

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