Friday, October 01, 2004

I still haven't posted about last weekend's Munich extravaganza and I'm too lazy to write it out so here's a point form play by play:

Left 6AM Sat morning
Arrived 10AM
Dropped off stuff, picked up friend
Drinking by noon
Lunch at Scheider, the best meal in Munich hands down
Watched the game, VFB 2-0
Off to the beergardens, masse of Paulaner
Multiple tries to hook up with Aussie with disasterous results
Back to Scheider for sweet beer and round 2 on the meal
Off to Irish pub #1
Off to Irish pub #2
Back to Irish pub #1 (which is actually a club with an irish name)
Home in bed by 5:30AM
10:30 AM pukeing best meal in Munich #1 and #2
Afternoon snacks, pizza, ice cream
8PM Avril Lavigne tour opening concert, Bowling for Soup opening act
11:30 PM leave Munich
2:30 AM arrive Pforzheim
3:00 AM watch Monday Night Football live
4:30 pass out from a great 48 hours

O'fest 2004, done and done!

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