Thursday, June 16, 2005

Soccer or Swimmers?

So Germany wins their opening match of the Confederate Cup against lolely Australia in an ugly game that proved beyond a doubt that Germany has got some serious defensive questions for their team come World Cup 2006. They were absolutely brutal! The first Aussie goal was shot right under a jumping defender on a free kick and the Aussie's made the German defense look like children playing against men in the second. I don't even know what Kuranyi's doing flopping around out there like a fish outta water except for the other guys to bounce shots off of into the net! If it wasn't for Freidrich's total dive in the box to get a penalty kick Germany wouldn't have even won the game!

This begs the question, if these soccer players are going to dive all over the field, should we make them wear bathing suits and goggles?!


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