Wednesday, June 15, 2005


It's been a turbulant off-season for my VFB Stuttgartters with the fifth place finish in the Bundesliga, firing of their coach and Kuranyi leaving for Schalke, but I was like a kid in a candy store at the bank the other day as they currently have (until Friday) a VFB exhibit going on:

Some more VFB stuff:

VFB's (our) DFB pokal trophy. This is the tournament where all the 3 top league teams and some champion 4th and 5th league teams play against each other in a pyramid elimination tournament for the national championship, my favorite soccer tourni and even more exciting than the Bundesliga! You should see some of the earlier rounds when you've got Bundesliga teams like Bayern going to small village teams to play them in the tournament, hilarious! Plus every year at least one of the big teams loses to one of these crappy small towns, it's great!

One of our Bundesliga championship trophies:

Well next year VFB is in the UEFA cup, hopefully we'll get a good striker soon so we can start crossing our fingers for that one!

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