Sunday, June 12, 2005

What's with Desire anyways?

On the spectrum I guess desire falls somewhere in between craving (like the chocolate I crave to have right now but that is currently sitting on the counter shelf at the Aral gas station 15 minutes away from my room) and a goal (something you strive for a large portion of your life).

And why is it that we "fight" our cravings, "strive" for our goals but "give in" to desires (or not as the case may be). I don't think people act on their desires near enough actually, and that's also what makes being a kid so great, you've got the innocence to question everything, the imagination to believe anything's possible, and the freedom to give in to your feelings/desires. Adults (most of them anyways) are boring in this regard. They've learned what's acceptable, what is not, what is "rational", what is not, what is expected, what is forbidden... makes life less fantastic than it could be.

Some people dilude themselves into thinking they can't possibly act on a certain desire, it's not "proper". I guess it's the anti-red tape businessesman bubbling through, I just hate it when people say "can't"... you always CAN, it's just that there are tradeoffs. Sometimes those trade off's are just too high (or expensive), but you always could if you really wanted to. Acting more often on your desires, as irrational as they may seem, should be something people answer with "can" more often than "can't".

Can you see desire? I think so, it's hard to describe but it's definatly one of those "you know it when you see it" type things. Take a look at this guy at the table, do ya think he's participating in "active listening" like we learned about in class the other day, or more likely which profession he should say he's in to somehow impress this leggy angel?

(shamelessly scammed from Halley's blog)

Dude, go with "I'm a producer", works every time ;-)

Well I desire to go get that chocolate bar after all...