Thursday, June 09, 2005

An interesting debate, was Winston Churchhill a hero because he championed freedom and democracy, or because he won the war? Would Hitler be the hero had the war been won by the Axis in World War II? It's hard to imagine that he would considering his attrocities, but history IS written by the victor.

Why am I thinking about this? Well I'm not really, just thinking about stuff on my walk home about leadership class like legacy's etc... when a car load of hotties beeped their horn at me. Maybe they were beeping at someone else, maybe they were beeping cus my sexy yellow headphones were on and they wanted to be sure I didn't walk underneath their car, maybe there was someone I knew in the back seat which I couldn't see because of the glare of the sun... and just maybe they honked at me. I'll let the perma-smile on my face show which option I believe :-)

If it had been a car of guys honking at a girl, would that be some kind of harassement? I wonder... too bad hot sweaty chicks don't work in groups on construction sites and whistle at the guys as we pass by... or... given this day and age of equality etc, maybe I'm not walking by enough construction sites?? ;-)

Anyways, I think Halley puts it beautifully simple: "Perfect Summer Day. Enjoy It."

(pic shamlessly lifted from her post)