Thursday, June 02, 2005

It TOTALLY sucks when you wake up early, run to the bus stop, cram up against 300 pubes on the bus, totally run around to 5 classrooms trying to find the class only to find out that today the session starts at 9:45 and not 8am. Fucking fantastic... I'm cranky today.

Could work on thesis... or surf the web:

Let's start the linkroll off with the top ten used words not in the dictionary. I like this one: "cognitive displaysia (n): the feeling you have before you even leave the house that you are going to forget something and not remember it until you're on the highway". Maybe you forgot your sunscreen :-) Of course then you could always pick some up at the greatest surf shop in the world, Ron Jon's (don't forget about international surfing day June 21st). If anyone goes there sometime soon pick me up another sharkie key chain bottle opener as my current 12 year old shark has some missing teeth and can no longer perform, thanks in advance! :-)

Marta gets this post in: "How much would you pay for a $20 dollar bill" which highlights some of the flaws in human emotional decision making. An interesting read, I'm sure some of these principals can be applied to the illogical selection of a mate by men and women, or maybe that's just so crazy that no model (not even the "7 S" model) could ever take into account... it's "all about" the shared culture eh ;-)

A "druckerism": "Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things"... more words of wisdom here and here. Of course my own piece of wisdom is to properly wipe your hard drive before discarding or selling an old computer or this might happen to you.

For everyone who's gotten to see Star Wars III, here's a site which lists some "easter eggs" in the movie, and here's some links to parady video's, or here's a lego rendition.

Think your thesis is going nowhere? So too for some science experiments. Not quite as stupid as these Disney charaters beating each other up.

This is pretty funny, any of you on Friendster? Wonder if some of their friends at one of the "10 types of girlfriends".

Cool phone, E.T. call home. If you decide to backpack there instead, make sure to pack the right types of foods.

Satelite pictures for the masses sometimes have unintentional consequences, wait until it gets even more detailed with realtime video!

Despite loosing the OHL final and the Memorial Cup, the 67's had a great season totally outperforming expectations, well done boys!

McDonalds parody theme song.

Saw this on Boing Boing, creative furniture designs, this one being called "bad table" ;-)

Off to grab some breakie...