Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The long weekend fast approaches, lots of plans, correction: "ideas" for the weekend, unfortuneatly nothing I can post as they're a surprise for Grandma (my friend from Paris) who's cuming down to visit. It all starts off at Irish late tomorrow night (she arrives sometime after 12, don't worry we've got staff pass tomorrow night so I don't expect to crawl out of there before 7 or 8 am) and then we're off Thursday, catch me around or shoot me an e-mail if you're interested in joining us for the weekend festivities.

Until then, just thesis and bummin around the net:

A cool video of drawing characters, does anyone remember the name of that old French cartoon with the line drawing of the guy with the big nose?

Think Different.

The Credo, Motto and service basics of the Ritz-Carlton, customer service principals at its best.

Television on cell phones/portable devices... the next revolution is coming... or maybe it's aliens, quick put on the tin foil hats so they can't read our minds!

Aussie pointed me to this, I'd seen it before but reading it a second time really made me realize what an idiot President and CFO of Pepsi Indra Nooyi is: "the five major continents to the five fingers on her hand -- with the U.S.... being the controversial middle finger and Africa the often-ignored pinkie". Remember in school when we all learned about the continent of the "U.S."? Fucking retard, NORTH AMERICA! Not to mention she later had to apologize for leaving Antarctica and Australia out of the analogy... maybe those continents are thankful for that!

Some more South Park cartoon fun, the Paris gang:

I got this one from someone who shall remain nameless... I can't believe I'm even posting it:

Why do witches not wear any underwear?
Better grip on the broom!!!

Oh my, time to get back to thesis if that's the crap I'm putting up! Hockey today at 5:30, everyone's welcome to come test their skills! Or maybe I should just go enjoy the afternoon sun :-)


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