Friday, May 20, 2005

Wednesday couldn't sleep so I decided to go for a long walk to check out some of the city I'd never seen before... well the long walk turned into a VERY long walk when I got lost and ended up one city over. It was nice walking through 3km of forest in the middle of the night, reminded me of the Wizard of Oz when they're going through the scary forest and meet the lion. No lions Wed night, but I did find some cool pubs out there so last night we decided to check it out. There's something about a country bar with Indian pics on the wall, German only speaking waitresses, American flags all over the place and fur on the benches (no joke) that just make for a great atmosphere.

Look outside, Friday night is going to be awsome! We're off to the "Kupferhammer" beer garden for lunch and basically the day, thesis will have to wait, life calls!

Everyone who's interested in blowing off responsibility and taking a break with us is more than welcome, we've got beer, cards and sun :-)

I'll probably end up like this today, who is this guy anyways? ;-)

I love this online commercial for O'Reilly's Irish Pubs: "Life sucks, have a pint". Well O'Reilly, I think I just might!

Update: I can't believe it but I just realized that we actually went to their Amsterdam location! Some of you might not remember that night ;-) Space muffins rock the casba!

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