Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thesis, thesis, thesis. Oh and web too: :-p

Go check out a hilarious take on Bloggers by the increasingly popular John Stewart. Oh my, here's another one, great stuff!

Google Easter Egg (a mini program inside a program usually inserted by developers that is humourous and has nothing at all to do with... the program, ok not my best explaination but you get the point). Putting "french military victories" into Google and hitting the "I'm feeling lucky" button (which takes you directly to the #1 website for that search) gives you the following:

Here's what Google's up to this year... or at least what they SAY they're up to ;-)

Domi's South Park character:

Starting a new biz and need a logo? For $25 (US) have these guys do one for you!

Many of my friends are starting to get married and even buying houses (congrats Jules!) and having babies (congrats Julie!) . Here's a cool site that shows the rising and fall of the popularity of baby names over time.

Here's a much funnier post about that guy who killed himself off the Eiffel tower in Paris I wrote about a couple days ago.

We should be de-militarizing the world, not arming it, starting with policies to avoid creating cold war like situations in space.

While most of us graduating MBA's are looking for jobs, I doubt many of us are this desperate to get one.! funny enough, I think I know some guys who would take the opposite reaction, "ok you're not giving me the job, but can I tak eyou out anyways?" ;-) Marta got that one in :-)

Hockey on today for 5:30, same place, same time, same good times :-)

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