Monday, May 16, 2005

Sat night we went to meter beer place, ate roast beef and spetzle, and drank the night away. It was also the night that I was known as "Sven Lidstrom"... don't ask :-)

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A great post from "A VC" that can actually be applied to almost any plan or project that isn't living up to intermediary results:

"What you have to do in these instances is check your assumptions behind the five year plan. Are they still correct? You need to make sure that the external factors are temporary, not permament, and they can be overcome. And you need to deal with the internal execution issues quickly and correctly."

The best places to go in Montreal, I like the "best bartenders" and "best places to have sex" sections... delicious!

Thanks to Marion Flohr at Ritter Sport chocolate for getting back to me with calorie info on their chocolate, looks like I've been slamming down 520 calorie chocolate bars at a rate of 4-8 a day, fantastic.

One thing I totally hate about Europe as a whole is that they are about 15 years behind North America with smoking laws, smoke is EVERYWHERE! It's brutal, they've got smoking vending machines all over the place (so children can get cigs anytime they want), there's no such thing as a "No Smoking" section in restaurants, and basically you smell like a chiney no matter where you go (the school cafeteria is BRUTAL, I walked in for 1 minute to buy a coke and smelt like Marlboro for the fucking rest of the day!). Anyways, as much as I hate how smoking is everywhere here, there's no way that I think that companies should be able to fire employees for what they LEGALLY do on their own time. You can ban smoking from the work environment, but you can't discriminate against people for legal activities they pursue on their own time.

We were just tlaking about this the other day, reminising how the TV show "Wonder Woman" probably gave alot of us our first boners when we were younger :-) Love it when she uses her "magic lasso" to ensnare people, draw them in and make them tell the truth. Of course the "invisible jet" was such a cheap production copp-out. (pics from Engadget)

A sad but well written post that I think we can all relate to in some way.

Here's an interesting post on a form of internal innovation. Similar to the 20% rule of innovation (give your employees 20% of their time to work on projects entirely of their own choosing), this company has a "Hacking Day" where everyone, individually or in groups, works on ideas they've been saving to see what the results are. I wonder if something like this would ever work or even be allowed at a traditional large company?

Kasparov on the similarities of Chess and business.

Robin Williams is a great actor, just look at his varied background of roles. I think "Good Morning Vietnam" is one of the funniest movies of all time, pretty amazing since it deals with some pretty tough issues! What's your favorite RW film? Looks like I'm going to have to download... err "legally rent" the movie "What Dreams May Come" tonight :-)

This is hilarious, look at the reason this race car driver crashes (the slow motion reply is at the end). Look at this guy cut off a bus and even more amazingly keeps on driving away!!

How to brew beer in your coffee pot. This could provide for some interesting morning wake up calls! This study suggests that beer could be more damaging to women than men.

Canada's getting the World Junior Hockey Championships every three years now that a new agreement has been reached :-) Understandibly other nations were not to happy about this (it will mean less opportunities to have the tournament in their countries) but they couldn't deny the success of the tournament in Canada (breaks a record for attendance AND profit every year it is held in Canada!). Personally I hold this Christmas time tournament as one of the biggest events of the year! Go Canada Go!!!

Thinkgeek, geeky gifts for geeks. A site that lists ghost towns in Canada (abandoned towns). Check out how rich you are compared to the rest of the world. Closed off stations in London's subway system. Play the "anti-Bush" online video game. The "Human Clock", photo's for every time of the day. I liked this one:

Of course you could just tell the time with this one instead. Or maybe time is just an illusion? Either way I certainly waste alot of it playing table hockey! Doug and Bob Mackenzie, two great Canadians and table hockey players for sure! :-)

It's too bad Canada lost yesturday, but the Czechs deserved it, they had a great tournament. Congrats on the silver boys, we'll get em' next time! :-)

Can't wait for Star Wars, 5 days and counting...


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