Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The web is my playground:

One of my current favorite sites is Gadling, a site devoted to adventurers. Here they touch on an issue that I've thought about since high school, how our perceptions of the world would be different with our world maps having been "upside down" (since there is no way to really know which way is truely "up" in space). Freaky just looking at it!

And while on the subject of adventure, I love lists of "things to do before I die", they're great and I've been meaning to put together one of my own, although my moto of living life one day at a time like it was your last serves pretty good, but a little long term planning never hurt anyone (I really want to go to Sicily and Antarctica soon) and it's kinda fun reading about some of these things. Here's one example of a list (I think I've gotten #21 down and still working on #27), and here's another more travel related list. I also like this list of ten things I've learned in life.

A cool online site with word games, I scored only 13/20 on the SAT one the first go round, brutal! Of course if you're into word games then you can waste hours playing "Guess the Google". Here's a site with every sentence Bart Simpson ever wrote on the blackboard during the Simpson's intro.

This is frigging hilarious! Fainting goats! I need to go change my diaper now...

Some biz stuff: Seven habits for business success, some of which are followed in this case study of Jones Soda. Here's some lessons to be garnered from the case via Marketing eYe. Here's a good listing of 5 major marketing mistakes. It's all about execution, idea's are a dime a dozen. A great quote from "Venture Chronicles" on joint ventures: "not being able to effectively measure performance against combined expectations is a huge barrier to success right from the start". A great customer oriented post. Finally the "Marketing eYe" has got some pointers on using the "AIDA" (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) system.

Looking at the prospect of dreaded salary negotiations? A listing via "Master of None" of free online salary information tools. Of course Sam's list of "Things that are more enjoyable than looking for a job" might also shed some light on the situation:

1- Hitting my head on the wall, because it feels so good when you stop
2 - Eating lead paint chips
3 - Statistics homework
4 - Cleaning the house (this one is debatable)

Actually #4 is what I do to avoid looking for a job, or work on my thesis... actually I guess I blog to avoid the thesis ;-)

The UK is setting up a 1 to 15 million scale model of the solar system. Tourist trap.

Buy your dream date with Carmen Electra!

When you're feeling down there's nothing like having a good chocolate bar :-) Here's a site that looks at the history of chocolate bar wrappers.

Getting paid to shop? It's true. These two lines are the same size? It's true.

You can do almost anything over the Internet, even hunt animals! (well except in California)

What is the value of your MBA? What if the program was completly wiped and built from scratch? Innovative! Or what about skipping the MBA altogether and just reading a bunch of books? I've read Moneyball and eBoys from this list and both are exceptional reads.

There's baseball in Germany?? Anyways the post also has a link to free live Radiohead songs, very cool.

This site lets you build your own South Park character, here's my depiction of Ross in South Park:

A bunch of us went to go see "Kingdom of Heaven" last night, on the 4 catagory rating scale that I use:

1 - Amazing movie; worth seeing in theatre's and buying the DVD/VHS/etc.
2 - Great movie; worth shelling out the $12 to go to the theatre to see it.
3 - A rental; don't bother spending the $12 but good enough for a Sunday night rental.
4 - Crap; Don't go.

Kingdom of Heaven weighs in as a "rental", I had thought this before going but a bunch of us were jonesing to go to the theatre (haven't been in ages) and the Tuesday $4.20 special was too good to pass up (as was the MONSTER popcorns we got!).

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