Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My body is sore all over. Two and a half hours of hockey yesturday did me through, what a great day for hockey! It's also becoming apparent that we need to schedule more regular games since the German's playing tennis and basketball that we recruit to get more players for our games are starting to become hockey converts :-) "When do you guys play?", "When's the next game?", "Do you guys always play here?"... it's starting a hockey wave over Deutschland!

So if you're looking out the window you'll know that of course we'll be playing again today, 5:30 everyone invited, just bring your running shoes (all the sticks etc are there, until Aussie breaks them all that is!). In fact we're going to schedule hockey pretty consistantly from Monday-Thursday at 5:30, if it's raining (not just spitting little drops but actually raining) at 5:15 then the game is cancelled (this is the general rule). Of course there's no such danger of rain today so get yourself active and come play some road hockey!!

Just a note to the timidly shy, most players have never held a stick before, plus after just a few games you really start to get the feel for the ball/game. You'll be making shots like this in no time!

Of course not all is well in the world of sports. Ray Allan's attitude epitomizes everything that's wrong with professional sports today. It's a problem in all sports, even in hockey, but I've noticed a distinct rise in Basketball and the NBA specifically over the last ten years. I wonder why it's more prevalent in Basketball (or is that an illusion?), but either way this kind of attitude is disgusting. And no Mr. Rome, he is not right, the spirit of the Olympics is about passion for competition not enumeration. This is why in hockey for the Stanley Cup playoffs (a dream for all young Canadian's to win) there tends to be a discrepency with the performance of many non-Canadian players from their regular season production. They just didn't grow up with the passiona and dream of capturing the cup, for them it's just a foreign based championship, for Canadians it's one of the greatest possible achievements.

While I'm in a patriotic stint I might as well post a pic of my buddy's brother who's over in Asia right now watching the Rugby finals, "Beaver Fever" is right!! :-) :-)


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