Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nothing wrong with a little Palm beach and Irish pub to kick off the weekend :-) A rainy Thursday holiday though (happy father's day in Germany everyone!) on the web: Aussie would also like to point out that today is 05/05/05... your retarded! ;-)

Super cool, super fast pizza's, cooked en-route to your house!

The movie theatre we like to go to at home is 15 minutes away and on a 18 minute advertising roll. If there's a movie that we know won't be busy (not a new release that week) then we'll use the start time of the movie listed in the paper as the time to leave the house and we always get there in time for the start. Those evil bastards!

Here's a site with a list of Star Wars sounds... I changed my laptop boot-up sound to Darth Vader "What is thy bidding... my master" :-)

Basically our favorite restaurant in all Darmstadt (greatest service quality in Germany by far!) moved outside of the city last year and subsequently has died :-( Thanks for the great times Giannis.

After the intro when the girls come out from behind the tippi in Indian clothing (well I guess not real Indian clothing) I almost peed my pants with laughter!

Why girls should date a geek instead of a smoothy :-)

Love kids drawings, there's something "real" about them, anyways here's a site where a class of fourth graders all draw literal interpretations of idioms. Go check it out!

Wanna make money on the internet? Sell T-shirts.

An oldie, but goodie:

Sun's breaking through, gotta get some road hockey in, for anyone that gets this in time Hockey at the tennis courts 6PM!!

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