Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Munich here we come! Here's the e-mail that we just sent for those of you not on the mailing list:

Hey gang!

We’re off to Munich! Everyone's invited! So get on the party train and join the fun!


For people leaving Friday - taking the train, we’re using lander tickets (23 + 24 = 47 euros per 5 people = 9.50 euros per person) we meet at Pforzheim train station Friday May 13th 7:15am (train leaves at 7:30am) arriving in Munich Hbf at 12:03pm (meet us there if you are driving). Check into the hostel, then downtown for sightseeing and some beers at the famous English garden (Frisbee and soccer on the lawn) and later that night hitting the downtown hardcore (Hofbrauhaus, etc).

For people leaving Saturday we will meet you at Hbf at 12 noon for our hiking tour to the monastery brewery Andechs ( For those that don’t know they are an extremely old brewery that make their own beer and have an excellent traditional German feast including amazing schweinshaxen:

staying there for diner and then back downtown late for Murphy’s irish pub crawl.

Sunday we’re going on a boat tour of the Starnbergsee (great view, 10 euros) and sightseeing.

Return on Sunday - leaving Munich 5pm (weekender ticket 28 euros for 5 people = 5.50 euros per person), arriving Pforzheim 9:30pm (people going by car can leave at any time of course).

Hope to see you all there, shoot us a confirmation e-mail by Friday 5PM if you are coming (Friday or Saturday) and if you are driving or taking the train with us.

Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, countrymen, grandma’s, grandpa’s, cousin’s, nephews, nieces, even Gerhard Schroeder will be there!!

Leave the dog at home ;-)

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