Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hitting the thesis hard again today. At this rate I'll for sure be done by... 2007 ;-)

Links from todays non-thesis related travels:

Surprisingly this idea is not used very often, bringing in your customers to help tell you what can be done better. Are integrated CRM solutions really that rare in business today? Getting a different point of view is probably one of the most important aspects of any business that hopes to survive. Of course branding also has a lot to do with it... but as you all know I still believe Leadership is the number one execution necessity ;-)

I love how for every real world event there's a Lego replica... and now there's Gummy bears too with depictions of the seven deadly sins.

A great interview with Bill Gates by Engadget. (part 2 should be up soon) I also saw this while browsing around Engadget, wow this would have been awsome by the pool when I was a kid, imagine playing Nintendo outdoors in the pool with that sucker! Imagine the cool hot tub parties!

Has EU enlargement been good for the traditional powerouses of Europe? With EU constitution elections fast approaching this is definatly an interesting topic. I've got to agree with some of the commentors on the article, you can't judge the success of something so large scale after just a few years of implementation.

Busted T's score big, Slacker Manager is read by thousands of people, figure this wow customer satisfaction event was worth the measly $7 they would have gotten for the expediated delivery? You betcha! ...and we definatly need more cowbell! (refer also to previous SNL skit post)


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