Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Well I finally got around to resizing and posting the pics from my trip to Paris last week, of course since I've been chained to my desk "supposedly" working on my thesis ;-) Anyways there's a ton of pics so I'll be putting most of the scenery/nightlife ones now and a couple others in later posts (and some there's no way I'll ever get to)... I hope you enjoy these pics as much as it was to be there!

The view from Domi's new appartment, sweet!

A fountain in one of the downtown gardens that's famous for looking like the pond is slanted (the effect doesn't show well in this picture):

There's Smart car advertisements everywhere in Paris, I liked this one with horse ears and tail:

Finally time for the first beer of the day! We checked out a place Domi's been eager to show me for a while called "The Frog and Princess" that actually have a small chain and brew their own beer. Her recommendation was well founded, the atmosphere was great, the food was excellent (I got the clubhouse and was pleasently surprised) and the beer was awsome. We tried all 6 types of brew they had (a pitcher of each) and I had a second of the Ginger Twist which was my personal fav :-) The only drawback was the same for everywhere in Paris, the price of food and beer is insane, but this is across the board for everywhere and at least you can get a pitcher deal on most nights here so if you're in Paris, go check it out!

Domi, Matt and me acting a little retarted after a few cold ones:

The bakeries/cakeries were amazing, I couldn't go half an hour without popping into one of those great shops to pick up some fresh bread or chocolate:

Someone put a kleenex to protect his dignity... hilarious!

On Saturday we went up to the big famous chapel (and I totally forget the name, and totally don't care) to lay on the lawn and enjoy the sun:

The view from up here was amazing, this picture does not do it justice at all:

Um, we couldn't find glasses, plastic or otherwise, and desided we didn't have any dignity to lose, so we bought a bunch of bottles of wine, had them open them right in the store and drank out of the bottle. You should have seen the looks from horrified Frenchies (nevermind that I was the only non-Frenchy out of the 4 of us!) as they walked past and the cheers of encouragement from passing travellers!

Two bottles went down in like 30 minutes flat, we needed to restock. The guy at the counter was smiling pretty wide as he asked us "you want me to open these ones right away too?"... "Oui merci!" :-)

Sun + Alcohol = Hunger, Crepe = Solution:

We toasted both marrages that were going on:

4 more bottles... it was a great afternoon :-)

We're lushes, but we're loved anyways :-)

The night was amazing [I've got video's that must remain unpresented for the safety of the viewer :-) ] and the next morning we were totally hung over and maybe still a little drunk:

Thanks guys for a great trip, can't wait until later in the summer for Round 2!! :-)

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