Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunny day + BBQ + Beers = Good Times Eh!

After a terrible day on the pitch for the VFB boys and everyone else who isn't a Bayern fan [oh yeah and Bochum sucked too ;-) ] we got it into gear by hauling the BBQ up the monument hill for some food, al-cool and scenery. The hike up the hill:

Caught stealing some vegies while Karlsruhe downs some sweet meat:

Chin-Chin, not that guy with the friggin' shades again!

Did someone see a sasquatch??

Fucking sweet viewpic... give us a smile eh BFG (broken finger guy):

This is how you throw a dart eh... Selva eye of the tiger... Aussie stoned AGAIN!

Irish darts can always cap da nacht:

No Apex to this post, but the next weekend's only 3 days away with the Thursday holiday ;-)

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