Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Last two days have been good for the body and for getting some work done. The detox of Sunday led nicely to yesturday's completion of a thesis review for a friend and today's ass-busting work on my own. Of course there's always time for a little fun... tonight's plans include a little din-din with a friend and then off to Irish for some (non-alcoholic) quiz night (gotta save the liver for this weekends winery tour in northern France). An there's always something going on in the web:

Tiger's amazing shot from the Master's a couple weeks ago, even if you're not a golf fan this one's worth watching. Whatever Nike paid him for sponsorship was just returned tenfold with that shot/closeup. Wow!

For the record, I still think DisneyWorld is one of the best places on earth! Up until cuming to Europe for school I have been to DW every year for the past 15, good times... but not for these people. This guy took pics of all the people not having such a great time at Disney, maybe they were just sad because they were leaving? ;-)

Aiste got this one in, some crazy-ass driving, and no... my car was not involved ;-)

Ryan Air's new pay in-flight movie service doesn't seem to be doing well. I agree that some of it has to do with the short flight times as I would never buy a movie for a 1-1.5 hour flight and certainly would for a trans-atlantic flight back to Canada (7 hours), but I do think there's more to it. First of all I'm not sure about their pricing, selection and quality. Secondly I wonder if they shouldn't have first started with e-mail/internet service first?

After just having cum back from a 2-day hiking vacation at the Amalfi coast I saw this post on the greatest places to rock to alone. Notice Canada #2 :-) Although I wasn't alone in Italy it was still an amazing trip that I highly recommend, if I have more time and another opportunity I'll rock down there again before re-entering the "real world" (working full time). I can't wait to get to Antartica and Easter Island sometime next year:

(Sigh), but for now I'll have to be content with getting back to thesis work...

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