Monday, April 18, 2005

I use NewsGator Online as my RSS aggregator and absolutely love it. Wanna know a company that gets customer service and the benefits a company can derive from it? Take a gander at NewsGator. Not only do they provide me with a great product (free!), I sent them a utility request (I'd like a full feed post scolling option so I don't need to individually click each feed) and got a response asking for more detailed information about 15 minutes later.

NewsGator gets it.

A couple of months ago I wanted to do a long posting on Hagen-Daas ice cream but never got around to it. You see while in Utah I would have chocolate attacks where I'd absolutely require immediatly a bucket of Hagen-Daas chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream (usually in the middle of the night while working on a paper). Even though we had an on-campus store that sold H-D, they didn't ever carry the chocolate-chocolate chip flavour so I'd have to tram it down into the city to the all night Smith's Marketplace to buy a thingy of H-D (which because I'd bring a spoon with me would be finished by the time the train got back to the uni).

Anyways, one night I hoofed it all the way down there and found that they were sold out, bummer man. After waiting over a week and checking every day they still had no choc-choc chip H-D! So I shot off an e-mail to the head office to request a restock and maybe that they could offer it at the uni-store and save me the trip downtown.

The next day I get an e-mail from a rep assuring me that the info had been passed on to the local rep and that for my trouble I'd be getting some sweet coupons in the mail. Sure enough the next day I arrived at the store only to see a clerk stocking the shelves with H-D choc-choc chip ice cream. SWEET!

Hagen-Daas gets it.

Companies like this are few and far between and sets them out above the crowd. I'll be a lifelong champion of these two brands because of their customer care.

I'm hungry for some ice cream...

Update: It's spelled Häagen-Dazs :-)

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