Sunday, April 17, 2005

System shutdown. A break from the past week was in serious order, and nothing is more relaxing then busting on over to watch some DEL hockey in Mannheim especially when it's the finals, and even more especially because my team came away with a walkoff 4-0 beat down. We should be able to sweep the series and hense win the championship on Tuesday night, Go Eisberin Go!!

Even though I woke up late and was only gone for about 5 hours I was still pooped. Of course laying in bed and listening to my favorite junior hockey team win their own 2nd round playoff series tonight at home 7-3 wasn't too shabby either. Go 67's Go!!

During the warmups and anthums at the beginning of the games the team always has a local tyke player come and skate around with the team, I can't imagine how exciting that'd be for a 8 year old kid, Go Little Buddy Go!!

Nothing helps clense the mind, body and soul like some good old town hockey (and lots and lots of water for sure!). But now it's time for bed, Go Ross Go!!

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