Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tonight is one of the best night's of the year... that's right it's NEWEY PARTY TIME!!!

Newey party is thrown once per semester, usually near the beginning, to celebrate all the new students, well not really "celebrate", more like "break them in" to the ways of Uni-life, mainly partying! Basically they open up most of the school, throw in some bars (sponsored by the local joints), some disco, dance, trance, hip-hop, alternative, oldies all playing in different rooms... etc you get the point.

It's going to be great, got all my thesis work done this morning, going to catch up with Yanger this afternoon, pre-party with the lads and the friends of their new female roomate we all met on Monday, then Irish to take us home :-)

By the way, Irish is open until 5AM tonight to cash in on all the spillover from Newey (it inevitably gets shut down because of noise complaints by the cops around 1AM). Taking the bus down to Irish tonight is going to be fun, this sign will definatly not be adhered to!


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