Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Man Blogger's been slow lately. I know that they had a problem with a kernel upgrade a couple days ago that they reversed, and also problems cumming in with people with more than 500 posts (myself included), but this is ridiculous! It's totally cutting into my "productivity" man! ;-)

Some links that have been amasing over the last couple days that I couldn't post:

Ok Star Wars III is still a month away, which of course means it's time for the geeks to start lineing up for the opening night tickets. Even worse, now there's a live webcam of the losers waiting in line! The best part of it all (and the reason for the post) is that there's a payphone in the middle of the line that the geeks will answer. Funny stuff.

Disneyland Lego style.

A neat site that you can type in your name (or any other name) and see the relative popularity over time.

Where does the expression "no strings attached" come from? Here ya go.

Only in America, Hooters Air. I'm just shaking my head in amazement that stuff like this actually gets funded and launched.

A great idea but totally overhyped as it would take decades to get a system like that up and running. As long as you're dreaming you might as well extend the system to include cheap passenger travel AND have it all run on reknewable energy sources. Great idea, not likely in my lifetime.

If Google isn't going to revolutionize the OS market and bring everything from applications to storage to computational power online, then not only is their stock price WAY overpriced, but some other company WILL do it and WILL make billions. I still can't figure out why Microsoft, who has the building blocks to do this, hasn't pushed forward yet. Anyways all the big online companies seem to be mergering in product/service offerings, Amazon now with search.

Information about the world at your fingertips.

Interesting customer service experience, cudos White Castle!

I could not for the life of me remember what the term for hiking up mountains and then skiing down them was called. I had convinced myself that there was no such word... until today. Backcountry skiing:

Now has anyone heard of putting fur on your ski's and skiing uphill first (instead of walking), or is it called the same thing?

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