Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What to do, what to say? Today blogger was down for most of the morning so by the time it came back up I had already done most of my errands and work planned for the day and had little left to post about. Looking forward to Irish tonight, especially since I can feel some bad kareokee boiling up inside me (stay tuned for an "Extreme" lyrics post soon!).

Things have been going extremely well lately, like a dream really or at least a very long vacation. Hitting all the "mind, body and soul" sections of my life pretty hard. Love the independent research and learning that I finally have time to do while working on my thesis, training for hockey and my half marathon goals are churning along, and I've been out every night for the past 2 weeks with something on the agenda. Life I don't think gets any better than this!

My passion for travel is also soon to be satiated as we'll be having a big announcement about this semesters MBA getaway weekend VERY soon, my plans to revisit Russia while the big man Grizonator is around look like they're going to pan out and I've finally got another surprise week/end fly away date idea in the works. Factor in the DEL and OHL hockey playoffs, German Bundesliga and World Cup qualifying (Irish pub just got Premiere! Yahh!) and everything looks AW-Right!

For the record, Irish tonight, Stuttgart Friday, roadie to Baden-Baden Sunday. Everyone's invited so gimme a buzz if you want to join in the festivities!

My buddy "Canada Mountie Moose" from the Toronto airport, standing guard over Canada's finest brew and liqour labels for the last 4 years :-)

Rainy day, great for websurfing:

SportsNet is having a competition to find the best sports bar in Canada and the Ottawa bar "Local Hero's" has made the top 4!! Go to their website and vote for the best sports bar in Canada!!

A neat site that you can type in your name (or any other name) and see the relative popularity over time.

An interesting statistical analysis of the best NBA players according to the numbers, and a blog from a player who is statistically insignificant.

Top 10 American adventure vacations, Fast Company's top 25 jobs of 2005, and New Scientists 13 biggest things that do not make sense. Yeah I like lists ;-)

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