Thursday, March 24, 2005

Great day, too bad the sun couldn't hold off the rain eh! Tonight I'm going to hit Princenbar for a beer to kick off the long weekend, cum one cum all. The heavy drinking is actually going to start tomorrow though, starting around 8pm we're going to hit the "meter beer place" for some good traditional German eats and homebrew and then probably end up at Irish. Don't waste your weekend, meet us there! ;-)

Some links for the rain:

This is cool, the illusion of a transparent computer screen. I wonder how long until this becomes a reality, although I doubt it would make you more productive.

Man-made white water rafting and trails, looks HUGE.

I love concept pics, here's a site with some visions of what Moskow was going to be (from way back in the past).

Um... German's can be weird too.

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