Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So it was with utter shock that I learned about the new "mall" built in downtown Pforzheim that had just opened up last week. I never even realized it was being built all last year and now all of a sudden it was open. At least I didn't have any anticipation waiting for it to open. The sun was attempting to hold off the rain so we decided to go downtown, get some errands done and then check out the mall.

First impressions are that I realize now why I didn't notice it being built, it's at the other end of the walking area where I rarely go, it's alot smaller than what I would consider a "mall" (I had seen it being built but just thought it was going to be another box store) and finally it was in a location that had been under construction since my arrival hence nothing new to notice.

Anyways the mall was packed (don't these people have jobs to go to??) and was pleasently surprising. The best part of the whole endevour was the discovery that Subway will be arriving in less than a month!! This saves countless late night train rides to Karlsruhe to get a decent meal but probably also means a severe blow to the pocketbook is on its way ;-)

Anyone who's going to be around this weekend for Easter (little or no family plans), gimme a buzz. There's a bunch of us that are going to hit the town Friday night, Saturday we're getting a road hockey game going and we're still thinking up some good stuff for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights. For those of you going away for the weekend have a great one!

The hockey pics from last week's event are still trickling in:

Some links from an afternoon on the net:

Peter got this one in, good for a chuckle for guys, good for more for girls ;-)

Some great advise: love what you do.

Taking the dis "penis face" to a whole new level.

Coke Zero, no calories = no taste? I sure know that diet Coke is nowhere near as good as classic!

Every country in the EU must follow the strict laws that govern over the territory... except when its Germany, France or Italy or when another country is trying to do something legally available to them under the law that these three don't like. A great basis for partnership.

What drugs does to white man dancers.

A possible first peek at a possible Google OS?

Average vacation days broken down by country. Now you know why I want to get a job in Germany ;-)

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