Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Signs that Ross is actually starting to get old:

1 - Starts hiking. Worse, starts hiking and takes photo's, shows those photo's to everyone thereby destroying any chance of deniability.

2 - Loses enough motor control without any defensive presure during a hockey game to mangle face.

3 - Got kicked off the Bahn on the way to Stuttgart because the controller didn't believe that I was still a student travelling under a students pass.

4 - Woke up at 6AM yesturday. Actually got up to start some nonconsequential work instead of rolling over back to sleep. Weird.

5 - On a date last night and George Micheal "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" comes on the TV in the background, not only do I start gigging to the sweet sound of an 90's classic like a looney, but here's how the preceeding conversation went:

Girl: "Oh is this a new song?"

Ross: Stares blank eyed phlabergasted...

Girl: "Who sings this?"

Ross: "Um... this is George Michael and this song is one of the biggest songs of the early 90's, haven't you heard this before?"

Girl: Pause.

Ross: "Faith, I Want Your Sex, Father Figure... you know these ones right?"

Girl: "Who's George Michael?"

Ross: Stares blankly off into space as he realizes that he has somehow turned the corner on being cutting edge party young to somehow being just old.

A moment of silence please... ;-)

On a related note, I think it's long time to increase the entrance minimum age to Club Ross.

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