Monday, March 14, 2005

Today I'm kinda hung up somewhere with alot of time and a wi-fi laptop so I thought I'd start going through some links I've been saving up... well what started as casual browsing has turned into a full blown Spring cleaning project. I've taken the jump to an RSS newsreader as I realize I can no longer follow all my links faithfully. I chose Newsgator Online (their new free introductory offer) originally because I wanted to work out of Outlook, but when I realized that functionality would cost money I got sold on their new free online version which would also let me follow my links while on the move from any internet access point. After spending the past couple hours getting half my subscriptions on the feed I soon realized why I haven't been able to keep up with my blog monitoring...

1455 posts to read?? And only half my links have been subscribed to so far!?!? Ok it's all starting to make sence where all my free time has been leaching to. Ok it's actually up over 1550 since going through this post but whatever, the feeder will significatly improve my scanning time instead of having to individually click on each bookmark so it'll be worth it in the end (hopefully!).

I'm also almost all the way through e-mails from my 2 weeks hiatus, not bad since I've gotten to most of them within 2 weeks. If you haven't recieved a reply from one of your mails it's either because:

1 - There was a problem and I never recieved your e-mail, just resend it cursing Microsoft.
2 - I don't like you. ;-)

Ok, so having said all that be prepared for a MONSTER link posting soon as I start clearing up all my old "to do" links off my desktop. In the spirit of my geekyness today I'll leave you with this link post:

How nerdy are you? I got a "Mid-Level Nerd" (72%). Good thing this test wasn't "How geeky are you"... I would have broke the machine ;-) Talk about geeky-cool, Engadget's review of the Sony PSP (Play Station Portable). Drool...

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