Monday, March 07, 2005

Well the secret's out of the bag so I might as well post it. I'll be rocking back to Pforzheim for my thesis studies this summer! I was able to line up a company close to Pforzheim so you'll all be stuck with this drunkin bastard at Irish once again!

Ok more deets to post later but for now make sure you sign up for Hockey Night in Pforzheim! This will be our 4th installment and it plans to be the best yet. All the old timers are cuming back, Aussie's driving down from Grenoble, Karlsruhe's going to try and impress his (now fiance) girlfriend with some smooth passing and gracelike skating, the Russian mafia of course will be in attendance, no word yet on the American or German contingents but I'm sure word will work it's way around :-)

Hockey Deets: I don't fly in until that day so be sure to contact Maria with cash and confirmation of enrollement.

When - Friday March 18th, 9:30 PM (21:30 for you Europeans)
Where - Pforzheim Arena, same place.
What - 12 euros, two more than last time because I can no longer to subsidize you fuckers ;-)
How - Skates, Ice fee, Stick use all included, bring knee pads/helmets/skates and sticks if ya got em.

See yall there! I should be extremely jet lagged and running on 26 hours with no sleep so all you assholes who've been waiting to get a solid bodycheck in on me should have a very good opportunity that night! It's going to be great seeing the old gang again, Irish pub afterwards promises to be one of my crazyest nights yet (and probably one of the worst for my liver!).

Prost everyone!


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