Thursday, March 03, 2005

Watched "Supersize Me" last night, the documentary about a guy who eats McDonalds food fro every meal for a whole month. It looks at the health problems associated with high sugar, high fat diets and takes a shot at the fast food industry and it's lobbyers. To be honest I was hoping for more since I had heard so much about the movie before, but as often the case with high expectations can cum a letdown.

The best part of the whole movie was the comments from his girlfriend: (paraphrased)

"The saturated fats are inmpeading the bloodflow to his penis, he's having a hard time getting it up... (pause) he does, totally, it's still good"

Later in the movie he's joking around about how crazy he is for doing this experiment and shouts to her in the kitchen. Her responce without even looking up from what she was doing was "yeah you're crazy alright" with a total non-chalantness that made my gut hurt from the laughter.

One thing the movie does is make you want to get up and get exercising and eating properly right away. The gastric surgury shots are totally disgusting as well as how he looks as he's eating the McD's after the like 20th day. I remember some good times in Germany when I was hitting McD's almost every night just to get some food with some flavour from back home in my system, I think it was totally fucking me up too. Interesting thing is that while overseas I crave going to McD's instead of eating foreign food, but while at home I'd never even think about going there and it even kinda repulses me when I see one. Weird.

So all in all I'd give the film an "average" rating. As we used to say "it's a rental" which means it's ok to shell out 3 bucks for the film on a boring Sunday night with the gang but not worth shelling the 10 bucks (well now theatres routinely charge $14 or more, but you get the point) to go to the theatre. Of course there's always the two other extremes like "Son of the Mask" that are totally not watchable or "Swingers" which are MUST buys.

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