Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Sometimes good things happen to good people... sometimes good things also happen to guys like me ;-) Yesturday was an awsome day. Nothing's set in stone, but things are starting to line up like domino's, I just hope they'll all fall in the right place soon enough. We'll see, anyways one of those great encouraging days where it's hard to keep a smile off your face :-)

I finally decided that it's soon time to go through my link folder. There's like 100 links I've saved for future reading but have never gotten to and it just keeps growing and growing, now it's a monster! Here's some of the things I've been looking at today:

A great write-up of the beginnings and IPO offering days at Google.

Gates comments about the validity of the US high school system are probably long overdue.

Can blogging change traditional journalism channels? Possibly. Can it be big? Possibly 2.

This guy has too much time on his hands, hacking the iPod. Pure genius though.

Wedding rings made from the bone cells of your partner. Interestingly cool.

The Microsoft "nuggets" are a great idea, but I wish they pertained to simpler functionality of popular products (like Office). I know there's other avenues to learn that type of information, but the nugget idea likens itself to my inherent lazyness :-)

I can't wait for World Cup 2006 in Germany. Good luck to everyone who signed up for the lottery for tickets! If you haven't yet signed up, I was wrong since you can do so until March 31st, not February 28th as I had originally thought. Like I said, even if you don't want tickets you should sign up for the draft as if you win you'll get a clean $1000 from me for the right to buy those tickets!

I saw this link and this pic and thought of you Nadine (trust me folks she's laughing right now, nothing sadisdic going on here!):

Update: This link with video's of taser use as well, hope you enjoy!
Update 2: Also this link, roadkill gummies? It must be Nadine link day today ;-)
(Note: Dan at WA if you're reading this please forward to Nadine as I've lost her e-mail, thanks!)

This is funny, I love sarcastic activism crack-backs. Another instance of using statistics to prove anything.

Aspiring writter? Get your work listed on Amazon by getting an ISBN number.

An interesting blog post on "Why bandwidth should scare Microsoft".

Ok, the full story is here, but basically this female airpilot got half her plane pumped with lead at the beginning of the Iraq war and was still able to land safely. As Paris Hilton would say "that's so hot"!!

It's worth saying again, that's hot!

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