Friday, February 25, 2005

I love Americans, they're our (Canada's) closest friend and ally, and many of my closet friends are Americans, but arrogant comments like this (read from the paper today on Canada's decision not to join the missle defence shield) from the US ambassador to Canada make me grit my teeth:

"U.S. Ambassador Paul Cellucci pronounced that he was "perplexed" by the decision, and warned that Canada risked ceding sovereignty of its airspace."

Arrogand bastard. Did he just threaten to violate our airspace without permission?!?!

For the record I'm sure the US could crush us in a fight nowadays but look at the scoreboard, Canada 1 US 0 (the only war between our two nations). We also kick ass in hockey and beer slamming ;-) Of course the US takes top prize for almost every other catagory however most of us igloo dwelling lumberjacks don't really care about that ;-)

And to keep this contraversial post going, Ontario just passed same-sex marriage legislation.

"The new law will allow religious officials who oppose gay marriage to refuse to perform ceremonies. However, civil officials will be required to perform all marriages."

I really don't know what the stink is about this issue, allow churches to deside who they want to marry and make the civil service a "union" between two individuals, that way homosexual couples get legal and civil representation as a couple and churches can maintain their practice of marriage between a man and a woman. Problems like this arise when religion and state are not properly separated.

Lastly I noticed this line in the same article: "Liberal MPP Kim Craitor had told the Welland Tribune in his riding that he would vote against the bill. However, he was absent for the vote." which brings a host of arguments to mind. If MP's are paid (generously and with terrific benefits I might add) to represent their constituents, then what the hell is going on when many official voting functions are not even attended by the majority of MP's?? These guys need a wake up call.

Despite the ranting above, I'm actually in a terrific mood today, got a great hike in, finished my case readings for tonights Friday night class and things are getting crossed off my "to-do" list in fine order. Enjoy the view I had today and have a great weekend everyone!


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