Sunday, February 06, 2005

If anyone wants Skype voicemail free (4 3 months) shoot me an e-mail since I've got an extra invite (it's not yet available to everyone).

So it's SuperBowl Sunday and I've got to watch the game officially for my homework. For brand management class we're reviewing all the superbowl commercials, ranking them and noting what worked and what didn't. So if the game is going on for half the time, the commercials that I have to watch are during the breaks and halftime is OBVIOUSLY switching to the lingerie bowl... then when the hell do I go pee? :-)

Some hits from around the web from the past couple days:

Another creative marketing ploy that got tenfold the amount of press for the buck, Goodyear pays a NBA player to style his hair like a tire tread. Genius! Speaking of basketball, this was all over the sports channels yesturday, some guy in a high school basketball game wins the game by throwing the ball the entire length of the court in the last second. Check out the video here or here. That guy got a couple beers bought for him for sure!

Lads, check this out, you can win a date with Tarra Reid, no joke! Stevie I know you're putting a tape in! ;-)

This guy says what we've all been thinking while at work.

A funny quote from Kottke: "You know that bottle of unopened soda in the bag bouncing on your hip for the last 1/2 hour? Yeah, that's going to spray everywhere when you open it, dummy. When I got home, my coat was so sticky that I just kinda pressed it to the wall to hang it up, no hook needed." And here's a good post on the presures and stress put on athletes, its effect on performance and possible training mechanisms. Very interesting as I believe this can also be applied to business leaders and CEO's who must deal with daily pressures and the knowledge that their actions affect not only the company and investors but the lives of people and families that they work with every day.

Remember the Valentine's Day card Ralph gives to Lisa in that great episode of the Simpsons? Well now you can print it out for yourself. I was weighing wether I even wanted to post this since I actually want to use it this year, but I guess the benefits of the many outweight the benefit to the one. Good luck with this one lads!

Think your amazing drinking ability is all for not? Think again, what happens if you get caught in an avalanch?

This is increadibly ingenius and disturbing at the same time. The company that set up the light show for the Eiffel tower has enabled the city of Paris to copyright all commercial use of nighttime pics of the tower. The full story's here. I wonder how long it takes before this becomes standard for other landmarks and attractions?

This is for all my non-english native's, "fuck" is a word in english that can be used in almost every possible way, here's a hilarious play on a classical literary review for the word "fuck". Hilarious AND informative!

Innovative companies have many qualities, one of which being that many of their creations never make it to market... and then there are some that do make it to market, but that never really make it. Who's to blame? The marketers? Perhaps it was a product ahead of its time? Well here's a look at some of the failures from Apple, I've never even heard of most of them!

Maybe fingerprint authorisation is the wave of the future, move over RFID! Do we really want our supermarkets in posession of personal biometric data?

A site declaring "the bottom 50 blogs". First off woo-hoo! (EuroRoss did not make the list) Secondly, I think they should add their own site as #51.

Here's a great interview with Mircosoft founder Bill Gates. I liked it because the interviewer asks tough questions and doesn't let Big Bill off the hook when he tries to deflect the answers. I've heard great things about the German magazine/paper Spiegle, apparently delivering informative pieces, however I'm not able to enjoy it due to my less than dominating command of the German language. None the less I thought Gates did a great job.

So let's hope todays game (and commercials) give us something exciting to watch!

Go Bucs! Oh wait I don't think they're playing this year ;-)


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