Sunday, January 30, 2005

Bum, bum, bumming around the web...

Ok, is the WTA selling a good tennis viewing product or...

Now here's a way to advertise! This 5 minute clip re-enacts a scene from Spiderman 2, it's funny, caputres the attention and is a great marketing medium for both Spiderman 2 (video/DVD release) and LEGO. Bravo, give that brand manager a raise!

Very cool, "Frontline" a PBS television show, has now put it's archived shows on the web for anyone to see. Let's hope this is the wave of the future! "The Merchants of Cool" is a documentary that we're actually watching in Consumer Behaviour class, it's pretty good, the credit card one held promise but fell flat and moved slowly.

A site that purports effective pick up lines. Screw the site, I'll just ask my buddy who's been in town for under 24 hours and who's already gone mac daddy on the locals!

A great Canadian passtime, writting your name in the snow. Now you can too... online!

Ever been robbed in your house? It's a devastating event. Now ever had YOUR HOUSE robbed? Absolutly hilarious!

I totally disagree with some of Kottke's movie rattings, "The Boondock Saints" is one of the best movies of all time, I put it up there with the Godfather series (seriously!). Also "The Undiscovered Country" was the best of all the Star Trek movies... get with it Kottke! Great blog, terrible movie critic, don't lose your day job eh! ;-)

Here's a utility that ranks a website's "Geekrank, Curserank, Naughtyrank and Intellectrank". EuroRoss scores:

Geek - 10
Curse - 10
Naughty - 5
Intellect - 0 ?!?

EuroRoss is a cursed geek that needs to be spanked only half the time because the other half of the time he's just not smart enough to figure it out :-)


Here's some pointers on leadership development that I snagged from an article somewhere:

- Leaders talk with employees to share a vision, and encourage them to stretch.

- Try enhancing leadership traits. Write down traits of leaders you respect. Develop an action plan to enhance desired qualities in yourself. Work on one characteristic at a time.

- Find a mentor. Read, enrol in courses.

- Start a new project. Volunteer to lead a professional or community project. Ask for feedback on your leadership skills.

- Schedule periods for self- reflection. Record these in a journal.

- Develop a clear vision. Who do you want to be, what do you want to do? Your vision will help you prioritize activities, guide your decisions and inspire you to attain challenging goals.

- Develop interpersonal skills. Build trust, become an attentive listener, show enthusiasm for others' successes.

- Ask questions instead of giving advice. Good questions make people more insightful and empower them to devise their own solutions. "What's the outcome you want?" "What's the risk of doing nothing?"

Manage yourself. Create a routine. Routines help you regulate life components to maintain top physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

- Develop sustainable leadership qualities by networking, continuing to learn, and being open to new ideas.

- Periodically ask yourself whether you're leading or managing: "What's changing in my company and work?" "Am I being responsive to change?" "What's no longer working the way it did four years ago? Why?"

Actually after re-typing these points, which are quite simple and intuitive but also elegant when presented in this simple form made me go look for the author. None other than Dr. Carole Kanchier who also has a book out called "Dare to Change Your Job and Your Life". I'm going to go check that one out I think.


This remake of "Singing in the Rain" for a VW commercial is groovy!

The "101 Dummest Moments in Business". Also from Business 2.0, a great site that requires registration though :-( is the "Smart List". Both worth a glace.

I leave you with something I caught while flipping through the TV the other night off the new HBO series "Unscripted". The show follows some late 20's struggling actors and actresses trying to make it in the professional world, a similar situation to many of us recently graduated MBA's. Anyways this quote hit a cord:

"Enjoy your youth... and make friends with change"

Good luck with exams everyone and a happy career search!

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