Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The weather in Utah lately hasn't been SO bad, but there's been so much fog that there's been no chance to go hiking, which is too bad since I had a little bit of a groove goin' on. At least it gives me a chance to get to the pics from last weeks trip. Here goes, enjoy!

Walking on the train to the start of the mountain line I wanted to tackle.

The gateway of thorns, very cool.

About a quarter of the way up, maybe a little less, here's a shot back at the uni, notice the fog that had just started a little that day... it would get much much worse.

About half way up, the valley to which I had cum.

The top of the first "bump".

Halfway up the second bluff, with a good shot of the goal.

Three quarters up looking at an opposite ridgeline that I haven't been able to find a path connecting yet. It's on the agenda although it's more difficult to find a trail since there's a military base at the bottom of one side that you have to detour around.

Almost there, snow's a startin'

Just about over the ridge, full snow here, I wanted to write my name but just couldn't squeeze out the ink ;-)

From the top of the mountain I took a shot above the fog line of the mountains on the other side of the city/valley.

Who's this retard?

On the way back I took a different route. This of course meant I got lost to the point of being so surrounded by forest that I couldn't even find my original trail. Just great.

For those of you suffering the Jan 24th blues hangover I highly suggest having pizza and watching movies until 3AM and then today eating a whole tub of Hagen-Daas, so now I'm tired, sick to my stomach and have a HUGE head freeze so I'm not even thinking about some stupid Jan 24th ;-)

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