Sunday, January 23, 2005

So Friday night was the first real night where I got it going "Ross style" here in Utah. There was this MBA mixer diner thing from 5-7 with a bunch of the local businessmen, then afterwards out for drinks. It was supposed to be a mini pub crawl, but the snow storm wasn't really co-operating. These Utah MBA's were talking alot of trash about how hardcore they were "we've gotta drink for 2 since there's so many non-drinkers here" but they were soon cut down to size ;-)

Highlights included upsidedown shots, jumping over the bar to serve a bunch of the guys with the other bartender and trudging through the blizzard at 1AM (when most bars close here) to some dungeon of a place to cap off the night. The 6AM crawl into bed probably had something to do with my brutal hangover yesturday.

I'm going to go watch some football playoffs...

Update: After not being able to go out last night, but with a taste for some action after watching the NFL playoffs, I floated the idea to the air hockey guys (I lost my championship yesturday but will live to fight again) about hitting the town to see what was up. Most had little faith that anything would even be open let alone rockin on a Sunday in Utah. I couldn't give up the idea though since I was kinda bummed out and new it'd be a long night of no sleep anyways so it ws just Rain (no joke, he's real name, I even lost a shot at the bar when we checked his licence!) and me on a semi-hopeless tour. Well God certainly shined on a couple down out of luck souls today because we found a VERY cool hangout downtown after about an hour that has their "big" pub night on sundays. The full deal, NFL (although it was already over when we got there), good eats and a very cool small crowd that are so friendly and welcoming that we were buying each other rounds and shots after only having just walked in 15 minutes earlier! I guess the drinkers in this town have got to stick together!

After countless rounds I realized that it was turning into one of those "let's go out for JUST ONE beers" nights, which if I wasn't careful would mean another 6AM crawl into bed. Once Rain was shoving his toungue down this girls throat and my job of wingman was completed to the utmost satisfaction, it was time to rock out, I'll save my 'A' game for next week, this is the NEW Ross ;-) So 12:30AM not bad, although I'm totally wound up and can't sleep, maybe I'll go see who's in the pool room...

Man it's goina be tough to get up tomorrow... I mean this morning!

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